(YASR) My Star plugin doesn't work when Cloudfire is active? Help please

Hello friends,
I’ve been using cloudfire for a long time. These problems did not occur before.
I am using YASR star plugin. When cloudfire is active, it doing not work and dont display on google and within the site itself. But when using Cloudfire devopment mode, the problem disappears.
The cache plugin I use is Litespeed Cache. I’ve been using it for a long time. what would you advise me to do. Whatever options we turn off in Cloudfire, this will be fixed. I am using the free plan.
I’m waiting for your help. Regards.

Hello there,

It seems to be working for me. Did you try in other browsers? or incognito mode?

Hello friend,
thank you for answer.
Yes, it doesn’t show in incognito tab either. I deleted dns, deleted cookies. I tried all other browsers. It doesn’t appear on my mobile devices either. “stars” have not been visible on the site or in “google search” for 10 days. It’s suddenly broken. normally I was using cloudfire, litespeed, star rating, there was no problem.

Well, at the moment, I see its visible for me.

But isn’t that very strange? Previously, I was getting stars in google results. My star results are not showing up on my site either. So there is a problem. I’m trying of logging in with 10 different devices. Could you take a screenshot? I wonder if it’s showing you an old cache. because you are in different location.

Here it is a fresh one:

please look carefully. star was seen with statistical data before. It looks broken now. The star is not visible and please click statistics is not working.
plugin that works fine in the sample image. On my site the plugin only appears. not working. That’s why google sees it wrong. Rich Snippet doesn’t show in results.

I’m quite confused. I see entirely the different image of the site which is non-ssl right now. ? :thinking:

hahaha so sorry. :slight_smile: my site its not. my site domain has Turkish character. not: sutesisatcisi
my site: sutesisatcısı . com , xn–sutesisatcs-8zbb . com

That’s cool. Here it is. It works for me:

True but it’ s different site. what i need is to solve the problem for “su-kacagi.gen.tr”
When I stop cloudfire or put it in maintenance mode, everything is fine.
but it doesn’t work when active :frowning:

May I suggest you to debug step by step? If CF is an issue, would you try disabling apo or optimizing tools so that this js plugin may not be compressed?

Should I do this through cloudfire browser or litespeed settings?

If you are using Cloudflare APO, you can do so from APO or Cloudflare dashboard.

I’ll try it tomorrow mate. thank you very much.

I tried many things. The problem was not fixed.
I stopped cloudfire for a while now it’s ok. looks great.
i wish i could use it.