Yarn install fails on pages

I get this error when using yarn v1.

2024-02-21T16:03:23.42495Z	Cloning repository...
2024-02-21T16:03:24.64539Z	From https://github.com/***
2024-02-21T16:03:24.646012Z	 * branch            c82ad4f32bb768190e799e474a6b26901308f673 -> FETCH_HEAD
2024-02-21T16:03:24.708835Z	HEAD is now at c82ad4f Switch yarn to npm
2024-02-21T16:03:24.810531Z	Using v2 root directory strategy
2024-02-21T16:03:24.838903Z	Success: Finished cloning repository files
2024-02-21T16:03:25.622002Z	Detected the following tools from environment: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
2024-02-21T16:03:26.006562Z	Preparing [email protected] for immediate activation...
2024-02-21T16:03:26.740678Z	Installing project dependencies: yarn --pure-lockfile --no-progress --emoji false
2024-02-21T16:03:27.359454Z	Unknown Syntax Error: Unsupported option name ("--pure-lockfile").
2024-02-21T16:03:27.359963Z	$ yarn cache clean [--mirror] [--all]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.36011Z	$ yarn cache clean [--mirror] [--all]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.36024Z	$ yarn config get [--json] [--no-redacted] <name>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.360373Z	$ yarn config set [--json] [-H,--home] <name> <value>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.360516Z	$ yarn config unset [-H,--home] <name>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.360658Z	$ yarn set resolution [-s,--save] <descriptor> <resolution>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.360791Z	$ yarn set version from sources [--path #0] [--repository #0] [--branch #0] [--plugin #0] [--no-minify] [-f,--force] [--skip-plugins]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.360955Z	$ yarn set version [--only-if-needed] <version>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.361093Z	$ yarn workspaces list [--since] [-R,--recursive] [--no-private] [-v,--verbose] [--json]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.361241Z	$ yarn --clipanion=definitions
2024-02-21T16:03:27.361391Z	$ yarn help
2024-02-21T16:03:27.361576Z	$ yarn help
2024-02-21T16:03:27.36172Z	$ yarn help
2024-02-21T16:03:27.361875Z	$ yarn <leadingArgument> ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.362034Z	$ yarn -v
2024-02-21T16:03:27.362174Z	$ yarn -v
2024-02-21T16:03:27.362307Z	$ yarn add [--json] [-E,--exact] [-T,--tilde] [-C,--caret] [-D,--dev] [-P,--peer] [-O,--optional] [--prefer-dev] [-i,--interactive] [--cached] [--mode #0] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.362459Z	$ yarn bin [-v,--verbose] [--json] [name]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.362621Z	$ yarn config [-v,--verbose] [--why] [--json]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.362777Z	$ yarn dedupe [-s,--strategy #0] [-c,--check] [--json] [--mode #0] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.362932Z	$ yarn exec <commandName> ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.363084Z	$ yarn explain peer-requirements [hash]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.363221Z	$ yarn explain [--json] [code]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.363363Z	$ yarn info [-A,--all] [-R,--recursive] [-X,--extra #0] [--cache] [--dependents] [--manifest] [--name-only] [--virtuals] [--json] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.363516Z	$ yarn install [--json] [--immutable] [--immutable-cache] [--check-cache] [--inline-builds] [--mode #0]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.363664Z	$ yarn install [--json] [--immutable] [--immutable-cache] [--check-cache] [--inline-builds] [--mode #0]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.363811Z	$ yarn link [-A,--all] [-p,--private] [-r,--relative] <destination>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.363969Z	$ yarn unlink [-A,--all] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.364132Z	$ yarn node ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.364278Z	$ yarn plugin import from sources [--path #0] [--repository #0] [--branch #0] [--no-minify] [-f,--force] <name>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.364426Z	$ yarn plugin import <name>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.364571Z	$ yarn plugin remove <name>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.364716Z	$ yarn plugin list [--json]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.364861Z	$ yarn plugin runtime [--json]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.365019Z	$ yarn rebuild ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.365185Z	$ yarn remove [-A,--all] [--mode #0] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.36533Z	$ yarn run
2024-02-21T16:03:27.365487Z	$ yarn run [--inspect] [--inspect-brk] [-T,--top-level] [-B,--binaries-only] <scriptName> ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.365634Z	$ yarn up [-i,--interactive] [-E,--exact] [-T,--tilde] [-C,--caret] [-R,--recursive] [--mode #0] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.365778Z	$ yarn why [-R,--recursive] [--json] [--peers] <package>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.365945Z	$ yarn workspace <workspaceName> <commandName> ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.366089Z	$ yarn create [-p,--package #0] [-q,--quiet] <command> ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.366224Z	$ yarn dlx [-p,--package #0] [-q,--quiet] <command> ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.366366Z	$ yarn init [-p,--private] [-w,--workspace] [-i,--install]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.366502Z	$ yarn npm audit [-A,--all] [-R,--recursive] [--environment #0] [--json] [--severity #0] [--exclude #0] [--ignore #0]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.366649Z	$ yarn npm info [-f,--fields #0] [--json] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.366793Z	$ yarn npm login [-s,--scope #0] [--publish] [--always-auth]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.366962Z	$ yarn npm logout [-s,--scope #0] [--publish] [-A,--all]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.367109Z	$ yarn npm publish [--access #0] [--tag #0] [--tolerate-republish] [--otp #0]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.367252Z	$ yarn npm tag add <package> <tag>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.367404Z	$ yarn npm tag list [--json] [package]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.367538Z	$ yarn npm tag remove <package> <tag>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.367669Z	$ yarn npm whoami [-s,--scope #0] [--publish]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.367813Z	$ yarn pack [--install-if-needed] [-n,--dry-run] [--json] [-o,--out #0]
2024-02-21T16:03:27.36796Z	$ yarn patch-commit [-s,--save] <patchFolder>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.368097Z	$ yarn patch [--json] <package>
2024-02-21T16:03:27.368231Z	$ yarn unplug [-A,--all] [-R,--recursive] [--json] ...
2024-02-21T16:03:27.398946Z	Error: Exit with error code: 1
2024-02-21T16:03:27.399238Z	    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/snapshot/dist/run-build.js)
2024-02-21T16:03:27.399422Z	    at Object.onceWrapper (node:events:652:26)
2024-02-21T16:03:27.399559Z	    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:537:28)
2024-02-21T16:03:27.39969Z	    at ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:291:12)
2024-02-21T16:03:27.40855Z	Failed: build command exited with code: 1
2024-02-21T16:03:28.947276Z	Failed: error occurred while running build command

Any way to change the install command or skip it?

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