YandexBot theard high cpu usage at server

From yandexbot coming theards. its start only new. before dont has like this problem. i must close russia with firewall but after that at yandex search removed my websites. how i can fix?

Not sure entirely what you mean here.

What you could do to stay listed with Yandex make sure that known bots are allowed as the Yandex bot is known by Cloudflare:

Yandex is known, but half the up addresses are not white listed, since they use far too many to keep up but it can be consuming, it’s an aggressive crawler looking for new content.

If your with yandex, open crawl control and lower it, I did this recently myself and they obey it well, better than Google and bing… Funny that.

If your not with yandex, sign up and verify domain and adjust etc.

Or block it, two choices.

Oh sorry. i was find problem. from russian federation some ip’s and ASN i blocked and problem fixed. thank you for your answers.