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Good afternoon. I blocked Russia on my sites, creating a rule in the Firewall section and now in Yandex metrics sites are not available due to a connection error. Can you please tell me how to fix this? I need the sites not available to Russian users, but Yandex metrics worked on them. Can I add any exceptions to the rule? Thank you so much beforehand.

Yes, you can. I believe, depending on the request being blocked, if it has either a User-agent, or if it is from specific IP address(es).

May I ask did you block the whole country, or ASNs?
If so, where or by which option? Firewall Rule or IP Access Rule?

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Try this as a Firewall Rule instead. If it’s Russia, but NOT a known bot (Yandex is a known bot), then block:


Good morning. Thank you for the answers. I did that. I’ll try to fix it now.

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