Yandex email with CloudFlare and Godaddy

I’ve got a Wordpress website which should be sending emails to a number of email addresses one gmail and the rest the ones for the domain. The ones for the domain are hosted using Yandex. The gmail email arrives but it does not arrive to any of the addresses set up on yandex.

I can’t setup WP Mail SMTP because it says it can’t connect to the SMTP server. I have ran Wormly and get the following error
SMTP ERROR: HELO command failed:
SMTP Error: Timed out after SMTP connection established

I am assuming that there is likely an incorrect DNS setting. I have changed the CNAME records relating to Yandex mail to be DNS only but so far this has made no difference. What do I need to provide to get some help with this please? Or at least be pointed in the right direction to work out what setting needs to be changed.

Any DNS records for your email need to be :grey: as Cloudflare doesn’t proxy STMP traffic.

I’ve done that. The gray cloud is DNS only.

Please can I get some more help. I still can’t get this to work and I really need it to work and go through SMTP


Assuming that your site here wants send emails, ensure you’ve a proper MX records set in the DNS record and follow as mentioned by @Cyb3r-Jak3

I’ve checked the Mx record multiple times now. I have the clouds grey as per my original post, grey is DNS only.

Could GoDaddy be causing a block as I’ve found that GoDaddy does block mail servers that are not its own?

Is there any tests I can run to narrow down the issue?

For smtp testing, here’s the one: smtper

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