Yandex bots 521 error

Hi, so amused.
When accessing the main page of the site, the document could not be retrieved: “N / a Document could not be downloaded”. Since the page is not available to the robot, it can be excluded from the search results. Yandex bots are blocked. I contacted the hosting company, they said that the problem may be in cloudflare. Can anyone please help?

I’m not sure what the download error has to do with Yandex. Is this your site?

Yandex is this search engine. cloudflare is blocking her bots. And Yandex for this threatens to remove my site from the search results.

Yandex has a very wide range of IP addresses and they cannot be added to the white list. And what to do is not clear. There is no information on this. I decided to just remove cloudflare.

Cloudflare does not block Yandex by default*. In fact, Cloudflare considers Yandex to be a “known” (good) bot.

* unless there’s some sort of glitch that needs to be reported to Support.

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Yes, I’ve read about it. But, before connecting cloudflare, such problems did not arise. I turned to my hoster and he said that this happens quite often with cloudflare.

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