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I run a PiHole on my LAN and this morning noticed that Yahoo Mail was not loading correctly at At first I thought it was a browser ad block extension, so I disabled that to test, still didn’t load. Then I thought my PiHole was blocking the DNS request, since the error on the webpage showed that the DNS entry couldn’t be found. What was strange was there was no actual DNS error entries in the browser console.

Checking the PiHole showed 0 entries being blocked, including Even when I disabled PiHole completely, Yahoo Mail was still blocked. But when I swapped my PiHole to use Google DNS ( and instead of Cloudflare ( and immediately loaded. So clearly it is being blocked upstream. Can someone confirm Yahoo Mail does not load on Cloudflare?

Sadly this will not allow me to continue using Cloudflare if it is the case, as those in my household do need use Yahoo Mail.

Thanks for your time.

Hi! Sorry about the issues with I added a workaround in the meantime so it should resolve now while we try to figure out how to get to the Yahoo’s nameservers.

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Hi @mvavrusa. Thanks for your response. I have verified that is loading again when I use Cloudflare DNS. Thank you for your workaround!

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