that site, or cloudflare, has a problem. what seamlessly worked for years suddenly yesterday starts throwing up cloudflare recaptchas. of course cf blames the user; ‘you have a virus or malware’

who benefits? cloudflare by throwing up a recaptcha for $$ every 3 seconds

Hi @kevin.kostolo2005,

This is most likely something that the site owner has configured. You will need to contact them if you have questions about it.


why does cf make the coin?

I’m not sure what you mean. Cloudflare offer a suite of tools to their customers, how they choose to use them is up to the site owners.


somebody somewhere is making $ when somebody solves a recaptcha. the data is used for ai. when presented with a cf recaptcha, is not cf making that $?

Cloudflare uses hcaptcha rather than recaptcha. I’m pretty sure they pay hcaptcha for the service, rather than the other way around.

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Not in this case. It’s definitely the site owner who’s changed a security setting. I also get the CAPTCHA at y2mate, and not anywhere else.


This is nothing new! So finally learn to read and spare us with useless posts.

Closed as the solution has been reached. Security is configured by the domain’s owner which can decide how lax or how strict to be.

This needs to be taken up with the website owner.

Closing remark, being rude and disrespectful to volunteers who gave you the correct answer within a minute of posting is bad behavior, to say the least.