Y website is down. it was working fine few hours back. what happened?

my website is down suddenly. it was working fine a few hours back. my domain is registered in GoDaddy and nameservers are from Cloudflare. I contacted GoDaddy support and they said I need to contact Cloudflare support to update my IP at their end. and Cloudflare support is saying they are busy please ask this to comminity.

Was GoDaddy helpful enough to tell you the IP address you should be using?

they gave me this IP

Perfect. Go to the DNS tab here and make sure that’s the only IP address in your records. I’m 95% certain there shouldn’t be any different ones, as that would be out of the ordinary.

this ip is not listed there

Ok. Click on each entry with an IP address and change it to the new one. To be safe, write down the old IP address first.


it worked. Thank you

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can you please explain why the ip was changed? and will it happen again in the future?

i made a lot of changes in my site but when i changed my ip its showing me old content no latest one.

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