is **NOT** using Cloudflare DNS

For some reason Cloudflare is not really working on my domain. I moved my Wordpress site to A2 Hosting and have Cloudflare included. Should work, but it is not. Any advice on what to do? Do I need to change nameservers or DNS or? I never did any of that before so help appreciated.

xxxxxxxxxx is NOT using Cloudflare DNS

• No protocol (e.g. https://) was provided, so defaulting to http://

• The URL you requested, included a redirect rule to which we’ve followed

• You did not enter www. - some websites require this, so try the alternative www. version if this is not the result you were expecting.

xxxxx .com is NOT using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy

And when I do Google pagespeed insights, it says ‘‘unavailable’’. Also I can not access the website when I type in www. in front of the domain. I’m so lost and confused lolololololloll

If you sign up directly through Cloudflare, yes, you need to change your name servers and Cloudflare will grab whatever DNS records it can at the time of setup, you can change/add/etc after that.

With A2, DNS changes vary based on a full or partial setup. With a partial setup using A2, you’ll want to follow their process,

That does not work indicates you don’t have a DNS record for the www subdomain and (if partial setup), you need to add that with A2.

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