Xxxx is not a registered domain

Dear Cloudflare community,

I’ve registered a new FQDN almost a week ago on another registrar, I’ve also configured the dns:

But when I tried to add this domain in the Websites panel => Add a site, I got this error message:
xxxx is not a registered domain

Can anyone help me on that ?

thank you all

Sorry, I forgot to mention, I’ve already try everything that is listed here:

What’s the domain?

Well, you set Cloudflare nameservers even though your domain is not on Cloudflare. That obviously can’t work. You need working nameservers first.


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That’s not how it works. As the article, you yourself posted, mentions, you need working nameservers and you simply do not have working nameservers.

Fix your setup and you will be able to add the domain.

You seemingly have set valid nameservers and you will have to wait for propagation now. That can take up to two days, but I’d try it again in a couple of hours.

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that’s why I’ve shared the dnschecker link. it already looks well propaged.

Cloudflare doesn’t mention I’ve bad NS, it says my domain isn’t registered. you don’t need to configure NS when you want to check if a domain is registered. That’s why I’m surprised

Precisely the opposite I am afraid.


Anyhow, changing nameservers will take some time, hence I suggested you wait a couple of days but nonetheless try again in a few hours.

And voilà, you should be able to add the domain.

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thx ! that’s another question I’m wondering, anyone who pre-add the website can “stole it” in Cloudflare no ?

No, because he does not control the nameservers.

sure, but now, if you add it before me, and then I change the nameserver only tomorrow. you will manage the domain right ?

I can manage the configuration of what I added, but as I do not control the domain, this will never be working in the first place.

But again, you can’t and you shouldn’t point your domain to nameservers which are not authoritative for your domain.

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This is precisely why you don’t add nameservers that you haven’t been explicitly given for that domain - they are one of the steps in authenticating which account is adding the domain.

If I add your domain to my account & you add it to yours, we’ll have different nameservers in the setup wizard and whichever ones get added determines whose account it is added to.