XSS Vulnerabilities showing in Security Evaluation

My security team found these vulnerabilities for one of our applications. What is the best way to find the ID for these so I can block these in the Cloudflare Managed Ruleset or Package: OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set.

OWASP A1:2017-Injection (SQL Injection)
OWASP A2:2017-Broken Authentication (login bypass, unauthenticated pages/files/directories, google dorking)
OWASP A3:2017-Sensitive Data Exposure
OWASP A6:2017-Security Misconfiguration
OWASP A7:2017-Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
OWASP A9:2017-Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
OWASP A10:2017-Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

You have a Cloudflare Pro subscription, correct?

I have an enterprise acct if that is the same

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