Xmlrpc with wordpress

Consider me a newby with Cloudflare. I know nothing and had help to set up the account. I have a Wordpress blog that I need xmlrpc access to for remote posting. From troubleshooting with my host it is Cloudflare that is blocking this access. I saw one message thread about how to fix it but did not understand it at all. Could someone literally spell it out for me what I need to do? I would be willing to compensate someone who could help.

Thank you,

Cloudflare usually doesn’t interfere with xmlrpc. If Cloudflare is blocking it, it should show up in the Firewall Events Log.

You can also use Firewall -> Tools to whitelist your home IP address and see if that helps.

Well, it’s not my home ip I’m using but either IFTTT or Zapier. I’m trying to set up automation. I’ve spent two days trouble shooting with my host and cloudflare is the thing that is left. They want me to turn it off to test, but I don’t want to loose all my settings. We tried to pause it, but cloudflare is still showing up in the DNS. (So they say and showed me). They sent me this link:
How To Allow Access to XMLRPC for WordPress?

But I really don’t understand what is going on in it.

Maybe whitelist IFTTT or Zapier (if I can even figure it out and they don’t use multiple servers)

This is driving me crazy btw

Thanks for you help. I try and figure out how to do that with them


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