Xfinity Auth Server DNS Issues?

I’m new to the site but I’ve been using Cloudflare IPV6 DNS on my Asus AX88 router for a whole network DNS solution. Now my issue today is that when using any apps on my FireTV, phone or computer the Xfinity authorization server is not accessible and simply times out (I can’t login to my Xfinity account or enable apps to login). When I use my phone and disable my home wifi network the auth page loads immediately which leads me to believe that something is wrong with cloudfares DNS not forwarding to Xfinity. Am I wrong? If anyone could provide me with my info it would be appreciated, thank you.


Can you confirm that it’s just the general account login? (And not some internal router page or anything like that)

Literally two seconds after you replied I went in and it started to work. No this was not a router page or internal issue as my router is my own as is my modem. I simply have them set to use Cloudflare DNS to bypass my provider (Xfinity). For some reason the auth pages for Xfinity (not their while site) refused to load and would timeout on Cloudflare. To test I switched to my phone and turned off wifi and it worked. Then I manually added back Cloudflare DNS to my phone using TMobile and it timed out again so Cloudflare was having an issue that they fixed. Thank you for the response though.


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