XenCentre GUI Issues (Console)

Hi Cloudflare,

We have come across an issue when using XenCentre and Cloudflare WARP Client.

Issue Description

  1. When using XenCentre without the WARP client on the local network


  1. Off local network with another VPN solution (Checkpoint)

…we see the Console GUI tab load correctly.

When we disable other VPN solutions and connect via Cloudflare WARP Client, the Console GUI does not populate, and we are left with a blank screen. This occurs on all the devices within the XenCentre library.

Checks so far

  1. Replicated issue on Network Admin laptop with full access to all IP’s and port numbers.i.e. No firewall restriction.

  2. Tested on multiple versions of WARP client, including latest: 2024.3.409.0

  3. Ran ‘warp-diag’ via CMD and checked logs for the time of opening the Console tab (2024-04-04 15:51 GMT) and cannot see anything that may affect the connection (please also review attached for an expert opinion).

Has Cloudflare client has any reports of issue with XenCentre GUI features?