X-proxy-cache MISS

i have been getting



and when i refresh for TTFB Check it gives me on second one


whys that i am getting always x-proxy-cache : MISS

x-proxy-cache is on your server. So…

First visit, your server doesn’t have a cache, and neither does Cloudlfare.

But now that someone visited, Cloudflare captured that visit and put it in Cache. But the x-proxy-cache said miss when Cloudflare captured it.

Second visit shows Cloudflare HIT because that first capture with the x-proxy-cache MISS header is in Cloudflare’s cache.

But if someone in some other region visits, Clouflare’s edge proxy there won’t have it in cache, so it’ll query your server, which will most likely have an x-proxy-cache of HIT, which Cloudflare will capture at that edge node.

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Thanks, I have tried to load the same url thrice but it gives me same x-proxy-cache MISS , should i add anything in cache headers in server side? why its cache going after 1 hour cf-cache-status - EXPIRED

This is due the Edge Cache TTL.

There are two typed of TTL in CloudFlare.

  1. Browser Cache TTL
  2. Edge Cache TTL

By default you can change the “Browser Cache TTL” in the Caching section.

But the Edge Cache TTL you can just edit/modify by a PageRule.

Edge Cache TTL: 2h - 1Month
Browser Cache TTL: 30min - 1 Year

This is sad. as both should be globaly configuratable in the Caching-Section (where they belong to) but CloudFlare does not allow this.

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I did the same thing but still getting these errors, does the ARGO feature or the pro plan gets better cache always

Well some sales manager would definitely say yes. But pls do not mix up things.

If there is a problem the propblem should be solved by its root(s).
If you provide us your Domain and the exact files you are talking about we can assist you and help you.

But to askwer your answer: yes pro plans do get better caching. But just in terms of “from where the cache will be delivered” so a pro plan will not solve this issue.


Yes i am using siteground? are there problems with siteground?

because of siteground does cloudflare have problems?

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