X-html-edge-cache-status is always "Hit, Refreshed"

I am using these Page Rules to cache WordPress posts as static pages:

However, x-html-edge-cache-status is always Hit, Refreshed instead of simple Hit.

I tried it in incognito mode and in separate browsers, but headers remained the same.


I also double-checked for any WordPress cookies, but the only cookies I found were advertising and Google Analytics.

What else I can do to troubleshoot or is fine to leave it like this? Is there any performance difference between Hit and Hit, Refreshed?

Edit: I assumed the x-html-edge-cache-status header was added because of Cache Everything Rule. I was wrong, it turns out that I was running a Worker which I forgot to delete after testing the Edge Cache HTML via Cloudflare Workers WordPress plugin.

That is not a Cloudflare header but comes from your server. You need to check there.

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