X-Auth-Key - Cloudflare Zero Trust Tunnels API Token

Hi - I am trying to access this API - Cloudflare API v4 Documentation.

Using my Global API Key - I am able to get things to work perfectly well. I am trying to lock this down by using an API token however, I have tried adding options for all of the Cloudflare Tunnels but still get authentication errors.

Is there something I am missing?


You need to go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/profile/api-tokens and

  1. [Get Started] on Create Custom Token
  2. Select Item = Cloudflare Tunnel
  3. Give it Edit permissions
  4. Continue and save

Use the header “Authorization: Bearer TOKEN” (replace TOKEN with your created Token) instead of the X-Auth-Email and X-Auth-Key headers.

Perfect - Thanks. Didnt realise to use “Authorization: Bearer TOKEN”. Documention mentions otherwise!

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