Www.www error in DNS HELP PLEASE

I add my domain here in Cloudflare after that I add in my webflow but now I have a error that show 2 time www.www in my url. I lose my mind here to find the issue and I dont find it. please someone can help me?
my website in www.premicore.ch

I am working in a MAC and I tried everything I found in youtube but still dont work. I have this issues after i add my domain here. please help

None of those resolve to Cloudflare. Other than publishing the DNS records you entered here, Cloudflare is not involved in this:

% host premicore.ch
premicore.ch has address
premicore.ch has address

 % host www.premicore.ch
www.premicore.ch is an alias for proxy-ssl.webflow.com.
proxy-ssl.webflow.com is an alias for proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com.
proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com has address
proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com has address
proxy-ssl-geo.webflow.com has address

Then this is where you’ll need to go for assistance. Please contact Webflow Support.

Thx I will go talking with webflow thx so much


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