Www will not redirect to example.com

A domain I manage is redirecting to an entirely different external domain (and it’s a broken page) and I can’t figure out how to make it go to the root domain instead…

Can anyone help me I identify why this redirect persists, and how to delete it?

My DNS settings:

  • All my DNS records are proxied through Cloudflare.
  • There is no CNAME or A record pointing to an external domain, yet it still goes there.
  • I have A records setup for root and www; however, www still forwards to the wrong domain.
  • I created a redirect rule (below) but it doesn’t seem to work?

Here is what my redirect rule looks like:

www. example .org/* 301 redirect to https:// example .org/$1

Your rule looks fine to me on the surface, as long as the A record for www is proxied.

Can you share your domain and how you are testing this? Browsers are very sticky when it comes to redirect caching, so I’d definitely recommend a tool like curl during testing if you’re not doing so already.

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