Www vs non www loading error

Hi i have this problem
For https://shop.begolfpro.com, the url keeps loading, however when browsing https://www.shop.begolfpro.com, it works. Any solution?

For my main domain, it’s working fine, whether a user types https://begolfpro.com or https://www.begolfpro.com

Hi i already bought the SSL certificate which covers www.shop.begolfpro.com

But what is not loading now us shop.begolfpro.com . this happens after enabling APO

It’s working fine on my computer and in the online tool I double-checked with. http://shop… is redirecting to https://shop…, which in turn is redirecting to https://www.shop…, and then the site loads normally.

You could be experiencing a delay caused by propagation or browser caching. Try again in incognito mode, or use another device/network. Or just wait for some time before retrying. :slight_smile:

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