Www.vox-deus.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

hello . I am having a redirect error. the website is under construction and only noticed after the wordpress update. I also tested a link shortner and now my domain goes right to the link shortner login.

tried suggestions from everyone… need help.

Set your encryption mode to Full Strict.

did not work, see error

error occurred during a connection to

-this problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing cookies

Well, you are redirecting to www and then back again.

You probably best pause Cloudflare for now and get the site working without Cloudflare. You can pause on the Overview screen.

once I pause. what would you suggest?

Check if the site loads.

that seemed to work. Thank you.

Glad it worked, but it still seems to be redirecting and Cloudflare is not paused.

it isnt working again. i activated Cloudflare after it seemed to be working again and seemed to be fine.

Now it is doing it again. what else could it be

Cloudflare is still not paused.

ok it is now

now it is fine. What could this be?

A few issues.

Do you want that redirect to that other site?

no…not at all. I want as is now. nothing to do with that other site.

Then drop the IP address ending in 112.

how do i do that?

You delete the record in your DNS settings.

with my domain registrar?

sorry I found. I am deleting in CF

Try unpausing Cloudflare.