Www version of URL not working

embracebeautynaturals.com is working

but www.embracebeatynaturals.com does not work

Here is the forwarding rule I have set up:

Is there another place I should be doing this like CNAME?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

If you’re hoping to replace the path, that’s the second wildcard in the URL matching you have defined so you need to refer to it as $2. Try:


and see if that works.

Adding to what @Saul said, A $ variable refers to the corresponding * wildcard. First * is $1, second * is $2, and so on.

OK great I am trying this. How long should it take before I know if it worked (or not) ?

Rule changes happen right away. Though, just to be sure, I would clear the Cloudflare cache. (or even set Cloudflare to run in Development Mode from the Overview tab)

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