Www. takes me to the wrong version of my site

Okay, so I’m having a bit of an issue setting up my cloudflare config.
Everything is working fine until I visit my site by using the www. version of my domain. My domain is https://strayvinyl.online, but if I use www. I get redirected to a version of my site where I am not signed in, and foe some reason the font is different on the accessibility options.
I will upload screenshots and config information as requested, but I am baffled.

www has a CORS issue that you need to fix, that’s not a cloudflare issue. You can search the error message on this site and for suggestions how to address.

Hmmm… Okay then. Is there some way I can simply redirect users to the non-www site? Save finding the problem for now? Because then it means that you can stay signed in no matter which address you put in.

There is. You can create a page rule to redirect the users, very straight-forward couple of steps, Redirect www.example.com to example.com.

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Oh I see, right in front of me. I’ll get to fixing it later.
Thanks for the help!

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