Www subdomain works on https but server subdomain doesn't

Trying to set up a demo app for a client the main domain works perfectly fine on https, as does my www subdomain, however i also want use a subdomain for the server side of my app and for some reason it refuses to work on https, it loads for the longest time until it pops an Error Connection Timed Out (522).

I can navigate to my subdomain over http but since the app does contain sensitive information it is required to work on a secure layer. My certificate SSL encryption is set to Full and my universal certificate includes my domain and a wildcard subdomain. Could somebody help me out?


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Thanks for your response, i’d read all of these posts before posting. I’ve gone over all of the 6 points mentioned in the tutorial.
1.- Yes, there is a DNS A record pointing server.domain.com to my ip.

2.- Yes, i can find the DNS record using the page.

3.- No, no the subdomain is not too deep. I am aware the wildcard universal certificate is good only for first level subdomains. It is a one level sub: server.viselta.com

4.- The DNS record is indeed set to orange cloud.

5.- Of course, i’ve checked: navigating to http://server.viselta.com does work, on the other hand navigating directly to https://server.viselta.com results in 522 error connection timed out. Always use HTTPS is disabled btw (since i can’t reach my backend on https where i to enable this setting i wouldn’t be able to reach it at all).

6.- My universal SSL certificate does appear to be active and managed by cloudflare.

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