WWW subdomain will not work

I’m new to cloudflare. I set up my website and everything seems to be working except www.domain.com. If I just type domain.com into the browser it redirects fine or any other subdomain will work fine and redirect to my site. When I use the DNS servers from my domain name provider the www.domain.com works fine but will not work once i switched to cloudflare DNS serves. I’m sure it’s some setting i’m missing. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s an easy tutorial to redirect www to non-www:

Thanks for the tutorial link. I’ve followed the steps but still get the same result. “cannot establish connection to server”. But if I switch DNS servers back it works.

What’s the domain? And can you also post a screenshot of all your Page Rules?

So apparently it seems to be a linux browser issue. I’ve tried from 2 computers with windows and it works. I’ve tried from both Chrome & Firefox on Arch & Ubuntu and it won’t redirect or I get a cloudflare certificate error. Not sure why it’s working on windows and not linux though. I appreciate all the help!

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