WWW subdomain routing not working using page redirect

I have a domain with GoDaddy and its name servers are pointing to Cloudflare.

WWW subdomain routing not working

I’m trying to make all subdomains matching http*://*build.masjidalislam.org reroute to New Build Home — Build Masjid Al Islam.

I already have a page redirect for the above scenario.

  1. When adding an A record for build, where do I get the value for it?

  2. Even if the above is successful, I think I’ve tried a few options and so far nothing works for redirecting https://www.build.masjidalislam.org (i.e. with www) to New Build Home — Build Masjid Al Islam.

Please help.

build.masjidalislam.org is being redirected to but New Build Home — Build Masjid Al Islam


https://www.build.masjidalislam.org is not being redirected to https://masjidlaism.org/build

https://build.masjidalislam.org→https://masjidlaism.org/build = :ok:
https://build.masjidalislam.org→ New Build Home — Build Masjid Al Islam = :x:

For THAT ,

1.Login in to dash.cloudflare.com
2.Go to Rules Sections
3. Add the Rule shown in the Image

Please revert back , if this work or not


I just tried that.

This is what I get when I got the https://www.build.masjidalislam.org.


This site can’t provide a secure connection

www.build.masjidalislam.org uses an unsupported protocol.


The Universal Certificates provided by Cloudflare cover *.masjidalislam.org and masjidalislam.org. The do not cover multiple levels of subdomain below that. You can subscribe to Cloudflare ACM if you require additional levels of subdomain with SSL.

This CommunityTip gives more information:

(Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH in Google Chrome

@michael does www.build count as multiple levels of subdomain?

Yes. One level is anything.example.com, and two levels is somethingelse.anything.example.com.


How about the other question I had in there. The first one in the original post.

When adding an A record for build (or for www.build), where do I get the value (IP) for it?

The same Ip Address which you added to masjidalislam.org

Should it be a CNAME or an A record though?

It Should be a A Record as Shown in the picture

Your Web-host provider IP Address which you already added to masjidalislam.org

Any further more Questions , Revert back HERE

Thank you both.

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Most Welcome :grin:

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