Www subdomain proxy not working


I was using the recommended setting for my www subdomain: proxied. However, when I trace the dns propagation, using whatsmydns-dot-net, it’s not being propagated anywhere - even after waiting 24 hours.

If I change it to DNS only, then within seconds the domain is propagated. However, in the Cloudflare DNS records page, it is warning me that the www record is exposing the IP address of my origin server.

Is this right? I have set up the www record to point to mysite-dot-com (not an IP address) and then the mysite-dot-com A record, which points to the origin server IP, is proxied. So doesn’t that protect the origin? Any redirect from www should have to go through the proxy to get to the origin server, no?

If it does need to be proxied, how can I do that and make sure that it is propagated?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it is difficult to advise on this one without the domain name to be able to look at your DNS/Domain setup and how it is responding currently. If you are able to share your domain name, we can try to answer here without sharing any private information about your configuration, only using publicly available information.

If we’re unable to answer without sharing private information, then we may need to ask you to raise a support ticket.

Hi Damian, thanks for your reply. I fixed it by changing the CNAME record to an A record pointing directly to the server and then I was able to proxy it.

A proxied CNAME will also work. You just need to understand that Cloudflare publishes proxied CNAMEs as A and AAAA records of the Cloudflare proxy. This means that if you are looking for a proxied CNAME in DNS queries, you will not find it. That may lead you to believe that the record is not available, but if you were to omit the CNAME tyupe from your query, you would see the A record returned.

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