Www subdomain not working


I have a GitHub repo at https://github.com/snsakib/snsakib.github.io
I have also registered a custom domain named “snsakib. com”**
I have configured my GitHub page with my custom domain using Cloudflare DNS manager.
It works for the following URL “https:// snsakib. com”**
But the problem arises when I add a CNAME record for “www” subdomain.
When I visit the link “https://www.snsakib.com” I get the following error
on Firefox: “Having trouble finding that site”
Error on Chrome “That site cannot be reached”
This is my DNS records:

I’ve already tried the following steps but found no solution:

  1. Clearing the browser cached data
  2. Removing and re-adding the custom domain name in my Github repo

What’s the solution?

** Spaces in the links are intentional because Cloudflare isn’t allowing me to include more than 2 links


Loads for me. Might try flushing you DNS cache.

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