"www" subdomain not working for my website

My website is https://swadishtfoods.in
I’ve recently connected it to Cloudflare and everything has been working great ever since.

Just there’s this one major problem. Whenever someone searches for “https://www.swadishtfoods.in” they are redirected to cloudflare’s error page.

My domain is from Godaddy and they’re saying that there is nothing wrong at their end.

How can I fix this?

Quick fix would be to create a page rule that redirects you to the non-www version:

www.swadishtfoods.in/*  Forward URL (301/302)  https://swadishtfoods.in/$1

If that’s not an option, do you have a certificate installed at your web hosting for www? And are you using Flexible SSL, Full or Full Strict?

Also, here is a community tip on Error 525:

Kudos Tom! The page rule thing worked! All it took was less than a minute!

Thank you so much!

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