WWW subdomain doesn't resolve

I am trying to set up the www subdomain on my site, https://technichronart.com. The domain without ‘www’ works, but https://www.technichronart.com doesn’t resolve and gives me a 522 error. I’ve removed and reset the www CNAME record many times, and it still has not changed. The original site is hosted with Cloudflare Pages on https://technichronart.pages.dev, and my domain is registered with Google Domains. How do I fix this?

This is what my DNS records look like, by the way:

Have you tried to set a CNAME for www to @ so that www will redirect/rewrite to the raw domain?

Is there a reason that you would like both to individually resolve without changing the URL?
(it’s usually bad for SEO, but if you have a reason for it / know what you’re doing there…well, I’m just checking, just in case)


I found this link in another answer about using Page Rules to redirect www to the pure domain, which, of course, you could do the other way around if that was your thing instead:

Also, was the mention of Google Domains because of the DNS entry, or did you feel this was relevant in some other way that I may be overlooking? Just checking my understanding, in case I’m missing something. :smile:

Did you add the www name as an additional custom domain in your Pages project?

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