Www Subdomain creates redirect loop when Cloudflare is activated

I’m not fantastic at managing webservers, but I’ll try my best to provide as much information as possible.
I activated Cloudflare yesterday for my website and have been having a decent time with it until eventually my site became unusable as the www subdomain has been causing a redirect loop. I’m not sure which two URLs it’s bouncing in between, but I’ve got multiple points of where it could be coming from, but I know Cloudflare is involved since as soon as I paused Cloudflare, my site began working soon after.

Is there a way to get Cloudflare to not redirect to www, or at least let the site itself handle it? I’ve got 3 different http to https points where you could get redirected, and Cloudflare seems to be trying as well, regardless of whether or not Enforce HTTPS is on. I believe when I was setting Cloudflare up, I saw something concerning the www subdomain, but I can’t find a setting relating to it at all, and Google yields no information on what I could have been looking at.

So what can I do? What’s going on? How do I just keep Cloudflare activated while keeping the redirect loop broken?

Hi @xevioni,

Can you share the domain name with the issue so we can take a look?

Also a screenshot of any page rules you have configured in Cloudflare would be good.

Also, which SSL mode are you using (in the SSL/TLS app)?

The domain is https://narrowgatedesigns.com
I don’t have any page rules setup, and I’m in the Flexible SSL Mode.
Here is my SSL/TLS app’s full configuration.

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Thanks. Looks like you have your nameservers pointing away from Cloudflare at the moment.

If you switch from Flexible to Full (strict) as you have a valid Let’s Encrypt cert on the website, that is likely to fix your issue.

Do I have to setup DNS settings for Cloudflare with Full (Strict)? Siteground, the host I’m using, setup Cloudflare fully automatically, so is everything done automatically, or what else do I have to do to ensure it works?

Oh, I see! Sorry, missed that. You’re on a partner setup with Siteground, not setup directly with Cloudflare. In which case, Siteground are probably the best people to contact about this, they should know their setup with Cloudflare well and it is more difficult for us to assist here with partner setups as they are all different!

I’m honestly not sure what Siteground has to do with the issue though. The issue disappears when Cloudflare is paused, so isn’t Cloudflare doing something on their end?

Yes and no!

It could well be an issue with the Cloudflare config, if you were on a full setup directly with Cloudflare, I would recommend you switch to Full (strict) (which may still work in your case - you can always try!).

We are used to dealing with full setups here and aren’t always the best with partner setups as each one is different depending on the host, as they set it up automatically, they should be able to help with any issues!

Sorry to pass you back to them, if they are unable to help, please post back here and we’ll see if we can work it out!

www redirects me to the root domain on your site. with partner setups, you generally have to use www due to the way they are configured, again your host probably knows more about this!

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