Www still redirecting to old web host

After moving my DNS to CloudFlare, I notice that using “www” in a browser directs traffic back to my old webhost. I have “westlaketool.com” set to direct to my current host, and I have a CNMAE setup for “www”. I can’t see what else I need to do.

Try deleting the DNS record for ‘www’ and then use these instructions:

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I tried the instructions. However, once I did that the site would not load at all. I removed the “@” record and the page rule, leaving out the CNAME record, and then the site came back up. Now, when I go to “www”, I get:



‘www’ still resolves for me. Unfortunately, it’s still the same problem as before. It’s quite likely that your old webhost is a Cloudflare partner and they haven’t fully released your domain from their DNS. I’m going to bump this into the escalation queue for staff to take a look at.

While you’re waiting, you can try contacting your old host and ask if they were using Cloudflare for your old account.

Another thing to try is to toggle the ‘www’ entry to DNS Only and see what happens. That doesn’t really fix the problem, but it’d be a workaround until Support can respond.

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I agree with @sdayman but in order for us to resolve this (if your previous host isn’t responding or unable to help), please submit a ticket and post the number here and we’ll be happy to help!

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