WWW site still not working

I read up that the default TTL for Cloudflare is 300 seconds. I’ve waited over 1 hour now and I still can’t see my website when I access it with the WWW bit. It does work when going to http://thirtysomething.co/ but not http://www.thirtysomething.co/

I’ve setup my A and CNAME records as follows:

Cloudflare’s default 5 minute TTL is NOT true. I added a CNAME and it took over 2 hours before it fully propagated.

I’m getting a 521 for everything: www or no-www, http and https.

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Yes, shortly after I posted this (and went to bed as it was rather late), I noticed that the WWW was finally be routed to the server. It appears that the default “5 minutes for the TTL” is incorrect. As it took a few hours for this domain to propagate.

As seen below I can now ping the www part of the website and get a reply back