Www redirect to non www

I have setup two domains the exact same way. But one of them does not redirect www to non-www.

- A record that points to my ip
- Always use https in on
- One page rule: Page forward: www.domain.com/* -> 301 -> https://domain.com

One domain works, but the other one does not, when typing http://www.domain.com

Any ideas?

Hi @thomas26,

Can you share the domain names so we can check it out?

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A record (note: no cname for www)
HTTPS always on
1 Page rule:
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url: https://isitraining.app)

Basically what happens is when I type http://www.isitraining.app (note no https) in my browser, it gets redirected to https://www.isitraining.app/ - and I receive:
www.isitraining.app’s server IP address could not be found.

How do I fix this?

So,.the issue here is that you don’t have an :orange: DNS record for www (or any DNS record for www, for that matter). You will need to create one for the page rule to work:

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