WWW redirect not working


I’ve added a forwarding rule (see screenshot here https://snag.gy/0Wh2aC.jpg) and a CNAME value but still not redirecting from www.straightandnarrowboats.co.uk to non www site :frowning:

Any ideas please?! I’m new to this so it is probably something really simple!

Works for me actually. Check the returned status code http://sitemeer.com/#https://www.straightandnarrowboats.co.uk, which is the expected 301.

Also, you dont need the asterisk in front of www.

Thank you for the reply. I get this https://snag.gy/YCjPaS.jpg and it’s not working on my mobile either?

Do I not need the asterix in to cover http and https

Thats not a redirection issue, that appears to be a DNS resolution issue. Your resolver probably still hasnt updated.

As for the schemes, please see https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/218411427

The scheme and port segments are optional. If omitted, scheme matches both http:// and https:// protocols. If no port is specified, the rule will match all ports.

Omitting it will apply to both, the asterisk would only be necessary if www wasnt a host record but an actual sub-domain and there were more to follow (i.e. whatever.www.straightandnarrowboats.co.uk).

Ah, ok so I just need to be more patient? Is there anything I can do to force a refresh?

I appreciate your time.

Will it harm me having the * there? I’d read in the help file to put an * in but I can’t find the link now. I’ll remove it though - your quote is clear!

If it is your router/modem which hasnt updated yet you could reboot it. If it is your ISP’s resolver there is not much you can do save for switching to another resolver. Public ones such as Yandex and Cloudflare are usually quicker in their updates.

No, it shouldnt. It simply isnt necessary for your use-case but it should not be an issue either.

Purged the cache, removed the asterix - boom! Thank you Sandro!!

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