Www redirect not working store.dcskw.com

i have subdomain the working normally without www if add www the page not loading, can you please help on that ?

Your site isn’t proxied so requests are direct to origin.

Assuming you want www.dcskw.com, your origin certificate only covers dcskw.com and no subdomains, hence the warning.

Hi Sjr
thats mean we can’t use subdomain with and without www ?

You could either…

  1. Get a new certificate to cover dcskw.com plus www.dcskw.com or *.dcskw.com.


  1. Enable the Cloudflare proxy (for at least www) and set up a redirect so www.dcskw.com is redirected to dcskw.com using Cloudflare.

(You could also proxy dcskw.com to benefit from Cloudflare’s security and other features which you aren’t getting right now).

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