Www record not working

I am hosting a small static website on a Google Cloud bucket. My website is pierre-alexandre.io and my bucket has the same name. I am using CloudFare as a DNS and the website is currently accessible with those urls:

  • https://pierre-alexandre.io
  • pierre-alexandre.io which redirects to https://pierre-alexandre.io

I added a new CName record to handle the www.pierre-alexandre.io url but it’s telling me I should have bucket called www.pierre-alexandre.io instead of pierre-alexandre.io

<Message>The specified bucket does not exist.</Message>

After that, I tried to use a A record instead of a CNAME record for the www and I am getting a Error 522.

Do you know what would be the proper way to fix it?

Those are their rules. But you’ve gone with no ‘www’ for your bucket, so you’ll have to go with a Page Rule:

Match: www.pierre-alexandre.io/* and choose a Forwarding URL (301) setting to redirect to pierre-alexandre.io/$1

Much like this tutorial:

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