Www points to empty Heroku site

I’m the owner of InfinityWellnessNJ.com

I just setup Cloudflare two days ago to manage my DNS records. For some reason, now ONLY my www version of my website is pointing to an empty Heroku website. I have reason to believe it’s because my old site host uses heroku, and they also use cloudflare. I’m using nameservers are the ones that Cloudflare gave me. I have CNAME records for both @ and www that point to my host’s domain. What should I do?

I’ve also tried reading through the troubleshooting articles to no avail. I tried setting up page forwarding as a Page Rule, and forwarding “www.example.com/*” to “https://example.com/$1” and it has not worked.

I appreciate your help, thank you!


This is probably why. You’d have to have that host disconnect your old site from Cloudflare.

Thank you, sdayman! I will get in touch with old host again. I’ve tried and they keep saying its not them. Maybe if I tell them Cloudflare community pointed me back to them, they’ll hear me. Blessings, Gina

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