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Hi team,
I am a DNS newbie and have scoured as many posts as I can without resolution.

I previously had a site built through Clickfunnels and have now recreated my site with Groovepages. My garyfahey dot com domain points correctly to my Groovepages site however anything that includes www. directs to the old clickfunnels site.

I have created a forward/redirect in cloudflare which does not seem to work, I cannot find any settings that link to Clickfunnels in any DNS I have had now or in the past and I have played around with DNS servers with no success. My current DNS settings look like this: (I have also tried the CNAME to host10.groovepages.com which I had seen a long time back).

Update I am still having this issue but have deleted the domain from Clickfunnels so now redirects to generic clickfunnels page instead of my old site.

I greatly appreciate anyone’s assistance.

The current behavior doesn’t really match with the description and screenshot. I can see your website and it seems to be the Groovepages one (there are references to that in the HTML source code). Is it working better for you now?

A quick fix would be to add a Page Rule to redirect www over to the main site:
Match: www.garyfahey.com/*
Setting: Forwarding URL (301) to https://garyfahey.com/$1

Thank you for your help sdayman. We have created a workaround with a separate hosting platform as we had built a redirect as you describe in Cloudflare and we still confronted the same issue. The best we could come up with was that there was a cache issue within the cloudflare account that wasn’t purging and continued to redirect to clickfunnels.

That issue may still exist and I would love to have the whole site running through cloudflare to make life more simple but I don’t know exactly where the issue lies and at this stage my site is working :slight_smile:

G’day Svanlund, Thank you for taking a look at this for me. It seems as though we may have has a cache issue with cloudflare. We have managed to build a work around with another hosting platform to redirect the www so the site is up and running, most likely not as efficiently as it could be but thankfully up at least.

Oh…right. If the :orange: Proxied hostname is broken, then a Page Rule certainly won’t work either.

That’s good news! Then a cache issue should just be a matter of time.

Appreciate your help and quick response. There was a lot of trial and error yesterday but but I think at least with the current work around the site is up and functional.

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I found someone with far more tech knowledge of me and they said the same also. Grateful for the responses (and that the site is up of course)

Someone else had a similar issue. There were able to contact Clickefunnels, and Clickfunnels opened a ticket with Cloudflare to release their domain.

Awesome. Thank you for that tip. I will definitely follow that up today.

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