Www page resolving but root without www not loading


Hello! I’m brand new to the community and I’m hoping someone can point out whatever I’ve done incorrectly in my setup. I’ve set up the DNS CNAMES according to all of the documentation I can find, but for some reason when I go to https://jasonseib.com I get a CloudFlare page instead of my webpage. However, the www. version of the URL seems to work just fine.

One thing I’ve noticed that is different than the setup videos and such that I’ve used is that proxy cloud doesn’t appear for me when I add the CNAME for @ to target.clickfunnels.com. I’m wondering if that is my problem, or it’s something else.

I appreciate any help anyone can lend.


My page rule for www:


Aaaand the problem wasn’t in Cloudflare afterall. It was on the Clickfunnels end and I think I have it fixed.


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