Www or non www domain name


Hii Lately i shifted my host to sitegound and they have inbuilt Cloudflare Appp upon activating which says use www web address. I am getting lower requests and lower load time on site with non-www webaddress.

so is it that we can’t use Cloudflare as a cdn without using www?

there is no point of adding www and increasing the load time by around 2 to 3 seconds

You can use Clouflare on your root/naked domain with no problem whatsoever. Even if you assign a CNAME to your domain (e.g. example.com), Cloudflare do some clever record-flattening to keep you compliant with the DNS RFCs (which usual prohibit this).

If you have access to the ‘normal’ Cloudflare interface then literally all you have to do is make sure your record is ‘orange-cloud’. There could be some restriction with Siteground if they’re a partner and you’re setting things through them, but I’m sure you could send them a support request.

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