Www on subdomain redirection links or mobile


I have two second level subdomains on my dns records, both which seem to work. The issue is that when i attempt to access my page through mobile expecting a redirect, I am instead forwarded to a third level iE www.sub.domain.com. This is the same case if a user accessed a site link to this domain without www included in the code. Any ideas?

CF doesn’t do the www redirect unless you have a page rule that is trying to do this. I would imagine this is caused by the [incorrect] assumption that webpages must be located at a subdomain starting with www.. Try looking through the software you’re running as well as the web server for any rules or settings that might be related to this.

This could be a case where the host lets you choose between www or non-www (or either), then does the redirect automatically. If so, then that would be a host configuration option.

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