Www. not working


I have searched many posts for the answer, but I am a complete noob and I am unable to understand what is the exact problem I need to solve.

My problem is that the domain psychonautguides.news works perfectly for me. However, the same domain with www. in front of it does not work (www.psychonautguides.news) and throws the following error:

I tried to update the CNAME, and here is my DNS settings:

Thanks in advance, because I’m going mad trying to fix it.

That looks like a Pages site that’s not set up to respond to the ‘www’ hostname. It’s best to stick with the non-www canonical hostname you already have, and set up a Page Rule to forward ‘www’ to the non-www hostname.

You already have the DNS entry, so all that’s left is the Page Rule from this Tutorial:


This is exactly what I needed! Thank you very much, it worked!

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