Www not working after routine domain renewal but root domain fine

Hi all,

After simply renewing our domain with our icelandic registrar (ISNIC) our www no longer works. The root domain is fine. I can’t seem to figure out why the www would suddenly stop working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @felixsheppard. Welcome to the community!

If you don’t mind, please post the domain name here, so that we can help you with your issue faster and better. If you can’t post it due to new user restrictions, post it like domain[.]tld, so that the forum doesn’t detect it as a link.

Hi Lumito,

The domain is pelv[.].is

Thank you!


Thank you for asking.

The error I get shown on the screenshot from below is familiar with Shopify issue:

Kindly, I’d suggest you to use the below article and the tool mentioned inside it to resolve your naked domain and www hostname with it. Below article describes more in detail about this issue, if that’s your case too as it sounds to me:

Kindly, may I ask you if you could use the tool called “Liberate the Hostname” from the article below and repeat the process using below tool for both www.pelv.is and naked pelv.is just in case:

Upon success, double-check and make sure the A domain.com and A www both DNS records exists at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name. Otherwise, use the step-by-step instructions from the article below to add or edit them:


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