Www not resolving. non-www working fine

Hi everyone. I’ve seen a few varieties of this problem but wasn’t able to work those fixes in to a solution. Hopefully someone can help, or point me in the right direction?

https://avantresearch.com.au, works fine
https://www.avantresearch.com.au, does not

I can’t see what I might be missing in Cloudflare or CrazyDomains, and have added a CNAME ‘www’ targeting the nonwww domain.Cloudflare doesn’t accept an A ‘www’ record with either the domain as target, or the IP.

Has anyone else ran into this?

It does seem to work, it redirects to the naked domain.


You also get the 301 at sitemeer.com/#https://www.avantresearch.com.au/

Whelp I jumped the gun there. Must have just taken longer to propagate. Thanks!

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