Www.mydomain.com points to wordpress login page

I have this issue that my www.mydomain.com url does not point to mydomain.com,
but rather the wordpress login page.
How is that possible?
What should I do to change that?

For the www part at the DNS section a record it says I can only type in IP address and not a URL? Why?
I created a cname recird from www to non www, but still does not work.
Please help me out on this.
Thabk you.


Lets start with your domain :wink:


Your DNS setup seems okay. You seem to redirect all requests to your root domain and that does work with www on HTTPS, however it does not on HTTP, where you send a redirect to your Wordpress control panel on HTTPS.

These redirects likely come straight from your server and you’d need to check there where that redirect might be sent. You do not have any page rules set up on Cloudflare, do you?

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