Hi I received the above message for my domain www.londondenturecare.com

It was down for 12 minutes - what can i do to avoid this situation.

Please advise.

Francis {redacted}

Ehm, make sure your server is reachable? :man_shrugging:t2:

You need to contact your host in this regard I am afraid.


When i contacted my server guys they say its not hosted on their server since the Name server is pointing to cloudflare.
What do i tell them, do i need to any settings on the server.
Francis Michael

You might want to switch host in this case, as a competent host should know what Cloudflare is.

There is not much you can tell them. Your site is hosted by them and they should be aware of that. What you could do is pause Cloudflare in the dashboard, in which case your domain will resolve to the server directly, however this will also keep the Cloudflare protection disabled (and your address exposed) as long as it is paused.


How can i show the SSL which i have purchased for the client
currently its showing the cloudflare certficate.

Francis Michael

For that you’d also need to pause the service or unproxy the record in question (:orange: to :grey:).

Please check out support.cloudflare.com

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