WWW links shows ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH, Unsupported protocol?

We have been having an issue with all of our WWW links for sub domains showing this SSL error:


Unsupported protocol
The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

Now non WWW works fine with valid SSL, no issue. If it comes to it we can just redirect all WWW to non WWW. If there is a fix for this, so we can use WWW within our links that would be great.

Our SSL shows active, not issuing.

Any help would be appropriated, thanks in advance.

Not knowing the domain definitely makes it a lot easier to say anything :wink:

You can see the error using this link

Cloudflare does not offer HTTPS certificates for fourth-level domains, such as in your case.

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…unless you get the $10/month dedicated certificate with Custom Hostnames. Then you can manually add a bunch of (deeper) subdomains.

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Without the WWW it works fine, why only the WWW do we get this error? Just seems odd. If we had a paid membership, will WWW work on sub domains?

Please refer to my previous response.

Yes and no, as @sdayman already mentioned you can simply purchase the $10/month certificate option and will be able to cover such a host.

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Thank you, for now we will redirect WWW to non WWW and upgrade later on if needed. Thanks for all of your help.

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You won’t be able to redirect www because that still requires an SSL connection. Hopefully there’s not a publicly advertised link to the www for that subdomain that users might try.

or you can skip CF (grey cloud) and use a letsencrypt cert to make the redirect

I’m not particularly thrilled about exposing the origin IP address for that. That’s why I have a low-value droplet with an exposed IP address for such shenanigans that doesn’t host anything of value. I’d :grey: www.sub.example.com to an IP address on some other machine that will do the forwarding for me.

Thanks for the advice, not thrilled about exposing IP, yet redirect within each .httaccess should work in not exposing the WWW for sub domains or at least in theory it should.

We had no idea of this issue until our affiliates started contacting us about the error with all of their tracking links, this is easy to update on our end though, besides that our main domain works fine with WWW and this is the only one we really advertise so no major issues here.

Thanks again for your help.

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