Www.linkedin.com resolving problem

Can’t connect to www.linkedin.com for a couple of days.

Response from and differ.

Purge cache not helped.

Yesterday they have had some issue, I could not login neither if loggedin, I could not open home feed or any other. Was trowing some strange error.

Today I can access normally.

I use at my router, at my network configuration center at OS, and Cloudflare (again) at FireFox Web browser.
No recent issues.

Are you sure it is due to the Do still have the same issue?

When I’m using, Linkedin works fine., for some reason, points me to another IP that doesn’t accept any of my requests.

https://www.nslookup.io/dns-records/www.linkedin.com shows the same values as but gives different data for me.

I’m using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) by the way…

Tried from another provider – it works but say it uses different data center

Maybe something wrong with DME?

Just curious why CF points my first provider to DME. KBP is much closer.